This is YOUR Journey

January 6, 2016

Boy and BalloonsI am excited to announce that my next book will be available March 10, 2016.
For a sneak peak, the introduction can be found below.
Imagine that you frequently experience stomach pain. If you repeatedly reach for an aspirin in an attempt to alleviate your pain, you are doing nothing more than placing a blanket over the root cause. Would it not be more effective to take a step back and think about what is causing the stomach pain in the first place? The solution might require nothing more than a change in diet.
In the same way, you may experience stress but struggle to identify, or hesitate to change what is causing your stress in the first place.
I continuously meet with people who dread walking into their place of work, and yet they continue entering the same doors. Others are unhappy with their relationships, and yet they remain. Why would someone repeatedly remain in a position or situation that causes them immense stress and fails to bring them happiness?
When I ask my clients this question, I hear two common responses: One, they become complacent and believe that they will never find anything better. Two, they believe that they are not worthy of anything better, or that they do not deserve a life of happiness.
For years, I struggled to believe that I was worthy of a life of happiness, and failed to accept that life was something that could be enjoyed. Thankfully, I have finally come to understand that I am worthy, and have arrived at a point where I can say that it is good to be alive. However, they key was that I had to create this reality.
Take a moment to sit back and reflect on your surroundings. From the material possessions to your relationships, you have created it all. You are the creator of your own reality and your own happiness. If you are not content with your life, you are the only one who is in a position of power to create a different outcome.
What do you want in life? It is yours to create.
This is YOUR journey.

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