The 6 Words That Saved My Life

November 1, 2016

HopeWhen life becomes too painful, our bodies have the ability to block traumatic events from our memory. Once we are in a position of strength and support, our bodies are then able to allow these memories to surface.
Early in my sobriety I began to recall events that I had suppressed for years. Slowly, I began to recall being sexually abused throughout my childhood.
Desperate to receive some assistance with this pain and overwhelming shame, I made the decision to attend a men’s group for other men who had been sexually abused.
As I approached Saskatoon’s Sexual Assault Center, I recalled experiencing a similar deep and intense fear before attending my first 12 step meeting years earlier. However, the fear at that moment seemed beyond words.
To my surprise and absolute horror, there was only one other man present that evening. When the group began, I attempted to put a voice to some of my pain. After a few sentences, I shut down, and felt as though I simply could not go on.
I sat there. Broken.
Sitting beside me was the other man. He looked at me with eyes of compassion and said, “It’s OK Al, I get it.”
Those 6 words saved my life.
Brene Brown reminds us that the two most powerful words are, “Me too.”
Connection. Suddenly I was not alone in this battle.
There is nowhere else in the world that I could have received that gift. Yes, I had to take a great risk that evening. However, I received the greatest reward. Like anything else in life, only once we take a risk and do the work are we able to receive the reward.
Whatever you are personally going through, I guarantee others are experiencing something similar. There is no need for you to fight your fight alone. Dig deep, gather your strength, and enter the rooms of others who speak a similar story.
You too shall be rewarded for your courage.

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