My Son is More Important Than My Work

The book Born Resilient was released in December, and the cover featured our 6-year-old son, Malcolm. Ironically, 7 months later he was forced to put his own resilient nature to the test.

In June, my wife and I discovered a large mass in Malcolm’s stomach. The situation progressed quickly, and we soon received a call to discuss our options with the surgeon. Unfortunately, the appointment fell on the morning of a speaking event.

In 10 years, I never missed a single speaking event.

I love my work, but I love my son more.

With only three days before the event, I notified the owner of the company that I would not be able to make it. I understood the inconvenience that I was causing, and was not sure how he would respond.

After briefly explaining my situation his response was simple. “You need to be at that appointment, and you need to be with your son.”

That choked me up.

As I continued to cancel events over the summer, the response was overwhelming. The amount of support and prayers that we received was most humbling. The fact that people I didn’t even know were now praying for our son was very emotional.

And when Malcom’s health took a turn for the worse after surgery, we reached out on social media for prayers. They came pouring in, and my wife and I watched in disbelief as he began to heal.

Malcolm’s recovery can only be described as a miracle.

We continue to wait for the results of the tumor, but remain optimistic.

Life is precious.

Thank you to all of those who allowed work to take a back seat to this challenge.

While I dedicate so much time to my work, I never want to lose focus of what is really important to me.

I continue to see my son fight one hell of a battle, and he has validated my belief that we were indeed each born resilient.



  1. Thanks for sharing. We will remember your family.
    W and M

  2. Dear Allan and Family,

    We have met briefly in Wpg. at one of your speaking events. I was shocked and saddened to read this. Please know that I am thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. Sending positive vibes and prayers your way!

    Take Care
    Anita Zubricki
    Safety Services Manitoba

  3. Sending many prayers and good thoughts to you, your son and your whole family.

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