Life Coach

Allan combines his compassion and life experience to meet each client’s individual needs.

Allan does not believe that anyone needs to be fixed. Rather, he understands that everyone has the ability to answer their own questions if the right questions are asked. Through a client centered approach Allan meets each client where they are at in life, and gently guides them through change.

Allan spent years working as both a case manager and a counselor at an inpatient treatment center, where he was able to counsel both youth and adults. Over the last 10 years Allan has instructed various college courses related to counseling and wellness. As a motivational speaker, Allan continues to inspire people to move through their challenges and create a life of peace and personal happiness.

* At the moment appointments are only offered in person in Saskatoon, SK.

If you are interested in counseling or a life coach, please complete the appropriate forms below and contact Allan for your next steps.