MENtal Health: It's Time to Talk


The stigma surrounding mental health is lessening, but men still face unique barriers that prevent them from seeking help. In an effort to avoid being perceived as weak or vulnerable, men have a tendency to bury their emotions deep within. Based on Allan’s most recent book, this keynote reminds us that it’s time to talk.

Friends, coworkers and family members will benefit from Allan’s message, as they can learn how to better support men who are displaying signs of distress. Get ready to be inspired to put a voice to your own challenges, and learn how to effectively talk to others about their mental health. You will participate in an interactive quiz and walk away with an increased understanding of issues including masculinity, suicide, substance use, resilience, and wellness.

The relationship between men and mental health has been often been called a silent crisis. Allan has broken the silence. The time to talk is now.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Recognize the importance and power of breaking down stereotypes
  • Change how we view mental health in the workplace
  • Provide mental health resources including how to support a loved one with mental illness
  • Examine how being vulnerable and talking can enhance mental wellness

Allan and I have shared stages, and I found him to be powerful and relatable. I realized each time I wasn’t actually listening to him as a fellow speaker or advocate, but as a sufferer of an illness that leaves me sometimes feeling alone and isolated. Allan made me feel less of each. I felt empowered by his words, as I now feel empowered by his book.

     – Michael Landsberg, Broadcaster, Mental Health Advocate